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I love the fact that God walked with Adam in the Garden, and Enoch walked with Him too. Noah and God talked about building a big boat one day out on a stroll together. Centuries later, God spoke to Abraham, “Come on…let’s get out of this place! How about we take a long walk together? I have this beautiful Land I want to show you.” It was a lifelong journey with God thereafter.

I feel like my life is a long walk with God. Whatever I do, wherever I go, it is hand in hand with God. Every walk with Him has been an adventure of the unexpected; no matter the situation, it is always an opportunity for me to explore another facet of His incredible goodness in my life.

In 2009, I felt God saying, “Come take a walk with me for about 50 days…let’s go through Europe.” Nine months later, we did that. (Read our Europe: 40-days-2-pray Blog). It was an amazing experience to walk the 4 corners of Europe from Finland near the Arctic Circle, to Wales, to Tarifa Spain and into Morocco, weaving throughout the continent of Europe by Eurail and finally to Istanbul Turkey during Ramadan. The people we meet along the way are the souvenir treasures we carry home in our hearts….much better than trinkets.

Last October, God whispered, “Hey, let’s go walk through Egypt…I want you to meet my people. I really love them.” Two months later, everything exploded — and the reason to go began to unfold. Our plans were full speed ahead, and here we are, nearly 1 year later, our dream being realized.

A walk with God allows you to see from a heavenly perspective. Here’s the vista of the God-highway that stretches from Egypt through Israel into Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran…Ron and I see it as is a river of God’s light.

A river of light stretching from Egypt into Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq (NASA photo)

That’s what we see as we go into Egypt, even though they immersed in a sea of political instability and religious chaos with rising tensions in Libya, Sudan, along the borders of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and the nations along Red Sea.

Opened Eyes

I have been meditating recently on the way the Prophet Elisha prayed in 2 Kings 6: “Lord, please open his eyes and let him see” (vs. 17). And again about the army of the Arameans: “Lord, open these men’s eyes and let them see” (vs. 20). It is a good way to pray. Elisha was not focused on what could be seen with the facts on the ground. No, his eyes were focused above — on the chariots of fire that surrounded him personally!!

“He looked and saw that the mountain was covered with horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha” (vs.17).

Yes, he was in a fiery hurricane of Heaven’s protection that nothing could penetrate- not even the “massive” army of military might sent to kill arrest him. In this situation, I see Elisha resting in his easy chair inside his house completely unfazed at what had just been launched against him.

His view was from a much higher level.

Above all the facts on the ground of the region, we see evidence of something huge unfolding that is full of God’s goodness. We go in with our eyes wide open and fully expectant of what God is already doing, and we want to partner with Him.

Tomorrow, 14 September, we will be carried along on our journey into Egypt in a fiery hurricane of heavenly chariots! We expect explosions of God’s brilliance to be revealed in the nation of Egypt…because of His great love for them.

The sun in Cairo...consider God's glory exploding over Egypt one day!

The 30-Day No-Kvetching Challenge!

From today, Ron and I have initiated our customary traveling “no kvetching” rule for the next 30-days in an intentional way. That means, no complaining about anything or anyone at any time. This ensures we maintain a heart that is thankful so that joy is released wherever we go, and our travel experience is so much more enjoyable.

Please consider yourselves as part of our support team as we embark on this exciting adventure to be with those God lovingly refers to as “Egypt my people” (Isaiah 19). And why not also join us for the 30-day “no kvetching” (no complaining – only thanksgiving!) challenge as well! It will surely be an upgrade in your walk with God!


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