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Promotion is Downstairs

I dreamed I was in a large conference hall where I had been invited to do ministry in several different meeting rooms.

I was standing in line of a large banqueting hall, cued up at the breakfast buffet. There were several elegant tables with a variety of food normally found at a 5-star hotel breakfast bar.

As I waited my turn, I was approached by someone I knew quite well who had been managing the details of my stay at the conference. They told me that I had been invited by the conference leadership to eat in the special banqueting room downstairs. I stepped out of line and looked several floors down where I could see a small table with about 5-6 people already seated and eating their meal.

“The meal downstairs is a special cook-to-order meal rather than the buffet table of food everyone else is eating.”

I was surprised at this invitation and a bit embarrassed to have to make my way there and honestly, I felt more comfortable eating with the people upstairs. But I knew I must accept this special invitation of the leadership team. This kind of request was not optional . . . it was required. In fact, I felt that it meant a promotion of some kind .  . .  so I was excited, but scared at the same time. I had strong feelings that I did not belong here.

As I considered all of this, I was standing in the middle of the dining hall wondering how to get downstairs when I spotted a waiter carrying a tray of water glasses.

“Excuse me  . . .  could you please direct me to the leadership table downstairs?” He looked like he was trying to process what I had just asked him and then I realized he didn’t speak English well. In broken English and with an accent I did not recognize (I am usually very good at detecting country of origin in accents), he pointed to a door that was opened and said, “Downstairs . . . here!” 

Descending down, down, down with light illuminating

Then the waiter personally led me down a long, long flight of stairs. He was guiding me in the front and kept looking behind him to see if I was following through the dark corridor. I could see the shaft of light at the bottom where I knew the “leadership” team was waiting for me.


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