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The Suitcase

The Dream: September 27, 2009, Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Old, worn, and decades outdated, it was packed full. I didn’t recognize anything inside the suitcase when I opened it. I was preparing to pack it up for yet another trip.

Rushing around, I was running the list of usuals to bring along. I realized I  had forgotten two important essentials: Toiletries, and a dress.

Looking beneath the sink to grab whatever was on hand, I did not see any toiletries I really needed to bring that would not be provided at the hotel. Neither did I pack a dress.

Instead I opened the old suitcase — a relic from the 50s and about as old as I was — and I stared at three unfamiliar items:

  • A thick, black, well-worn old book
  • A photo album with nothing in it
  • A very oversized dark blue/black coat with emblems sewn on it (like a High School Letter emblem)

I realized as I looked over these items that they were completely useless to me in this present time, I didn’t own them, and I wondered why I was carrying them around with me on all of my trips.

It occurred to me also that I was carrying these items only out of obligation — and perhaps long time familiarity (because I always had done it this way and always carried it around with me) — because someone had given them to me.

The representation became clear to me:

  • I was carrying around old patterns of doing things
  • Reminders of past sins that triggered episodes of deep shame
  • Accomplishments like snaptshots I took out to appreciate and admire at will
  • Oligatory clothes I wore to put on a familiar persona that was expected of me in certain situations

Seeing I did not need these any longer, I removed them once and for all. Later I thought: “I do not need that suitcase! As a matter of fact, I do not need any suitcase at all!”

The Wake-Up Call

When I woke up from my dream, I met with God and dealt with these issues. From that point on, when these issues came up, I knew what to do with them. As a result, I was able to enter into a new level of freedom allowing for a creativity I had long since allowed to die.

I am determined to remain free of my past, obligatory actions and performances, pride of accomplishments, and personas imposed upon me previously, allowing me to be completely free and available to the Holy Spirit for whatever He desires in my future.  I am determined to be teachable, to express myself with liberty, to release the painful memories of my past, and not rely upon my accomplishments thus far as I look ahead to this new season of my life. He was making all things new in my life — out with the old, in with the new.


During a transitional period when God is moving us upward and onwards, we do not like to let go of the things that are familiar, tools we always used, and even the patterns of our ways that initiated triggers which cause us to revisit painful periods of our past life. We generally do not like change and resist it.

Transitions create an anxiety in us for the very fact that we are leaving something familiar behind and journeying on to the unknown. Having lived through many transition phases of my life, I am learning to rest and relax in each phase of my life, which helps me to enjoy each day that comes instead of complaining that I am not where I was, or where I ought to be yet. As a result of not kvetching during transition, I enjoy each one of my days and go to bed completely and utterly satisfied with life.

The key attitude of our heart in transition:

  • Being thankful to God in all things releases God to care for us on the journey
  • Forgiving those who have sinned against us and offended us empties our “suitcase” of things we carry around

Traded for a Tool Box

In the afternoon as I lay resting and communing with the Lord, He offered me a tool box instead of a suitcase. It was small, new, and had a variety of useful tools:  Love, joy, peace, rest, patience, gentleness, faith, etc. The fruits of the Spirit are useful — and very powerful — tools to move us forward in our relationship with God.

So, here now was my “toiletry bag” and “dress” combined to take on my journey . . .  something I would never need to pack  because, from here on, I would have it with me at all times.


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Rest, Renewal, Refreshing

September 2010:


Maui Waterfalls


As I was communing with the Lord one day in a season set apart to be alone with Him, I received this word –which I shared with the beautiful women of the Pacific Northwest where I was ministering this past Fall. I believe it reflects the heart of God towards each one of us in this hour.  May the deep shalom of God rest upon you now.

I have brought you to this place to be alone with you. All that concerns you is my concern; all that is in your heart I am caring for.

So, in this place — at this time — come away with Me, and let Me care for you. I want to minister to you in this quiet place. I always bring my intitmate friends away from the crowds and demands of life to be alone with their God.

For in this place, I am giving you something you really need more than the earthly things that occupy most of your day. I am giving you my peace — such as you cannot find in the world. With my peace comes a rest that will enter into every part of your being — even each cell and atom of your body — that will bring a true rest from Heaven. This peace and rest will bring a renewal to your soul and emotions that will have a calming and healing effect.

Still your mind with its worried thoughts, and determine nothing will steal away your joy in our time together.

My Spirit will be a refreshing upon your spirit as we join together, united in love. Stand in My presence and receive the rest, renewal, and refreshing of My Holy Spirit — and you will truly be at peace.

Be at peace, My love. I am caring for all you are concerned about. In this place, at this moment, let us take our fill of love so that I may strengthen you. Know the heights, depths, width, and breadth of My love for you and be encouraged by this.

Receive my love, and find yor rest in Me.

I have a Father . . . He knows me.


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