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May 29 2011

In the deep of night

When fears are magnified

And darkness can be felt

When weariness displaces

Clarity of mind

And all the senses are dulled

In the deep of night

When sleep paralyzes every muscle

And dreams come without invitation

With eyes wide open

When the head nods involuntarily

Begging to lie down

In the depths of unconsciousness

It begins…

The ceaseless whispers of fear

Startling every cell to awaken

The body slowed in its sleep-mode

Thrown in reverse with a quickened heart

And a terror response

To the sinister voices—the chatter of hell!—

“You are doooooooomed…!

This is it!

Your end has come….”

It echoes repeatedly

With full-color images to prove its validity

And in the deep of night

I struggle against its strangling reasonings

Gasping for air

Grasping for Truth—

The only One who can deliver me,

The Most Powerful One,

The Almighty! Blessed be He!—

The One who is Light

Displacing all darkness,

All fears,

All terrors in the deep of night.

In a pitiful whimper

I call out loud

As the tears fall

And my heart meditates—

He will have the last word—

Yeshuah  ישועה —“salvation.” 

I speak His name

And consider the Truth

My soul knows oh so well.

His presence releases penetrating Light

And in Him

There is no darkness, or terror, or doom.

In Him is the fullness of all my joy.

In Him is my freedom from all fear.

My eternal dawn has already broken:

“I trust in You alone, Jesus,

In the deep of night.”

With a swift, backhanded, teeth-shattering slap,

All is silenced

As I hear His power-words crush the lies

And scatter the sinister ones:

“Who is this that dares speak lies to my bride?”

His voice thunders across the realm

His Presence quiets me

His Face shields me

And His radiance dispels the darkness with Truth.

“My Beloved!” my heart sings out—

Every cell of my being

Now fully awakened

To praise.

He alone is my life

And He alone holds my day and the deep of night—

The Great I AM.


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Rest, Renewal, Refreshing

September 2010:


Maui Waterfalls


As I was communing with the Lord one day in a season set apart to be alone with Him, I received this word –which I shared with the beautiful women of the Pacific Northwest where I was ministering this past Fall. I believe it reflects the heart of God towards each one of us in this hour.  May the deep shalom of God rest upon you now.

I have brought you to this place to be alone with you. All that concerns you is my concern; all that is in your heart I am caring for.

So, in this place — at this time — come away with Me, and let Me care for you. I want to minister to you in this quiet place. I always bring my intitmate friends away from the crowds and demands of life to be alone with their God.

For in this place, I am giving you something you really need more than the earthly things that occupy most of your day. I am giving you my peace — such as you cannot find in the world. With my peace comes a rest that will enter into every part of your being — even each cell and atom of your body — that will bring a true rest from Heaven. This peace and rest will bring a renewal to your soul and emotions that will have a calming and healing effect.

Still your mind with its worried thoughts, and determine nothing will steal away your joy in our time together.

My Spirit will be a refreshing upon your spirit as we join together, united in love. Stand in My presence and receive the rest, renewal, and refreshing of My Holy Spirit — and you will truly be at peace.

Be at peace, My love. I am caring for all you are concerned about. In this place, at this moment, let us take our fill of love so that I may strengthen you. Know the heights, depths, width, and breadth of My love for you and be encouraged by this.

Receive my love, and find yor rest in Me.

I have a Father . . . He knows me.


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