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March 26, 2010–My birthday: In the middle of the night I was awakened . . . I felt God started my birthday celebration early. I woke up singing a new song I had just learned called “Serving You”  – a song that really grips me.  My desire to expend my life for Him left me breathless, tears streaming and wetting my pillow.

What little I have given you thus far, Jesus.

I sang it to Him with all the passion of my heart . . .


The Lord drew very near and He responded to my heart:

I created you for My pleasure —

You are the object of My love, My lover.

You are marked by My favor:

It is a terrifying stamp of ownership to the camp of the enemy.

The life in you is My burning fire —

An eternal flame of  love and passion

For My purposes.

Every single moment of your life is pregnant

With eternal signficance —

A potential fruitful offering to be given away

For my glory,

My pleasure,

My enjoyment.

I give you abundant life,

My very breath — My Holy Spirit —

Full of life and expectation.

Like the pots in your garden

Filled with unopened tulips, ready to burst open with color

(Given the correct amount of sun, rain and fertilizer),

So too, your company with My Presence

Will ripen all that is waiting to burst open within you.

All the buried dreams long forgotten —

Your passions, your hopes —

Anxious for opportunity,

I am now bringing forth.

I am doing the creative new thing in you now —

And you will see it;

It is already stirring within you  . . .

We will develop it now.

You know the King;

You have the King’s favor,

The King’s bank account.

Your King owns the whole earth — it is Mine

With all the peoples and nations —

All mine.

You can go where you like

And I will be with you leading you forth in My peace —

My favor gone ahead of your arrival, making the way.

And, everywhere you exalt My name,

I will bring the harvest.

Everywhere you testify of My goodness to Israel —

To bless them —

I will change hearts,

And you will reap the blessing of those who

Bless My people  . . .

All for the fruitful ingathering

That defines the end of Time.


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The Fragrance of You

August 11, 2009:

I love a rich perfume. Unfortunately, the one perfume I have come to love does not have a name that makes a good declaration. So, when friends ask me the name of the fragrance I am wearing, I’m apologetic when I tell them, “It is called ‘Insolence.'” Oy. One day, I decided to rename the fragrance to reflect what I was going after in my life. So now I lovingly refer to it as “Yielded.”

I was reading in Exodus about the perfumed incense made exclusively for Temple worship. It was a fragrant place around the altar of incense and the altar of sacrifice. The fragrance of incense also filled the Holy of Holies .  . . the place of the Presence of God.

My love expressions given to the Lord is as a fragrance poured out . . . it is unique. It is the godly characteristics and attributes the Spirit of God is working in me.  I’m sure my fragrance is even characterized with my name known only by the Lord Himself.

One day, I felt the Lord draw near and whisper to me . . .

Your love expressed to Me  — your fragrance — attracts Me to you.

The offering of my life is like the holy incense of the Temple really. It is a mixture of love, praise, humility, suffering, submission, yieldedness, faith, trust —

Your fragrance offered today caught My attention . . .I have sent forth a blessing in response and it will be abundant and will overtake you . . .

Last night I read the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 and I knew the Lord was making reference to His “good storehouse  . . .  of the heavens . . . to give . . . to bless . . . ”

Jesus exudes a fragrance to us as well. The Holy Spirit is determined to form us into the image of Messiah . . . with His fragrance. As He does, we become the fragrance of our Messiah to those who do not know him:

“For we are to God the fragrance of Messiah among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing” (2 Cor. 2:15).

I believe every person has their own unique fragrance – mixed together as a perfume — from character development here on earth. Perhaps when you pass one in Heaven, you will know them by their fragrance.

I was wondering if this is why Jesus loved the perfumed offering of the woman who anointed Him a couple of days prior to His death. The heavy fragrance of her worship would have lingered even as Jesus was dying on the cross and then buried in the tomb.

Here is the perfume blend I seek to offer to the Lord every day:

  • Humility – humbling myself; renouncing the way of pride
  • Repentance & Restitution  – never allowing one thing between me and the Lord
  • Mercy – extending forgiveness to every one, no exclusions
  • Compassion  – to those who need to know Him
  • Love – seeking out even those who seem unloveable and going after them
  • Faith – in the face of soul-wrenching doubts and fears
  • Encouragement – every one needs this
  • Obedience – following through on the Lord’s instructions to me
  • Waiting – on the Lord, and waiting patiently for Him to answer
  • Honor – those in leadership above me by blessing them
  • Reaching those far away from Abba – getting desperate for their sakes
  • Suffering – for the sake of Jesus’ name upon me
  • Kindness – I want my life to always be full of kind acts
  • Generosity – giving, giving, giving . . . radical and extreme
  • Intercession – on behalf of those who do not know God and cannot find their way
  • Courage, boldness – in the face of fears and intimidation
  • Praise, thanksgiving – for His goodness and blessings
  • Worship, adoration – for He alone is worthy
Ancient Alabaster Perfume Bottles



This is my alabaster jar of fragrant perfume – the most valuable gift I could offer – given fully to Jesus. I pour it all out and hold nothing back for myself.


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