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Let Me Hear Your Voice

“Let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely” (Song of Songs 2:14). Thursday, January 21, 2010.

I am the Singer.

All music flows from Me,

In Me,

And out from Me.

My song — given to you —

Is the melody and musical score of your heart and life.

When you respond to Me —

Like the resonance of the strings of your instrument as you play —

You are responding to My touch on your heart and life,

And what I hear is the beautiful antiphonal response

To my Love overtures . . . much like an antiphonal choir.

My blessings are abundantly given to you

And your heart sings back to me in response with

Praise and thanksgiving.

Heaven joins your melodious tune

With an orchestral and vocal accompaniment —

A cacophony of heavenly agreement —

And together it harmonizes and blends perfectly

With the prayers of all the saints

Who are ever before My altar,

Resounding throughout Heaven as a grand musical arrangement.

I love to play the strings of your heart and life.

For, no matter the chord —

Major, minor, disonant —

The harmonic love-response is beautiful music to My ears

And it fills me with desire to have you nearer to me —

Just to hear you sing.

Let Jesus hear your voice today.


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