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What do we do when we’ve been wronged? What about when we’ve been cut off, ignored, disowned, dismissed, left out, rejected, made redundant, given away, given up on, laid off, fired, mocked, laughed or scoffed at?

Be patient. God will for sure give us an opportunity to extend His supernatural mercy. Yes, that’s right . . . mercy! It is the tool He puts in our hands to go up against the wrongful act we had to endure. And in the face of our intense desire for revenge — sometimes hateful revenge (though we don’t like to admit that!) — mercy can be used as a weapon. Satan loves to entice us with the opposite of God’s nature and so we must employ our weapons against him! I say “supernatural” because anything beyond our “natural” is God’s super . . .

I’ve responded inappropriately so many times . . . but I’ve repented and made restitution when God revealed it to my heart. He only needs to remind me of how I have received His lavish mercy in my own life for me to release the gift of His mercy to someone else.

God’s incredible, undeserved mercy lavished upon us again and again teaches us about His own beautiful nature. And it is His nature that He is forming in us. By giving us mercy to lavish on the one who wronged us, we have the opportunity to have the very situation where we were wronged actually work in our favor: God will use it to transform us and soften our heart in the process!

God’s love and mercy are paired together for a reason, and when appropriated, they will always change the atmosphere and soften hearts. His love transforms our hearts with His generous mercy so that we have an abundance to give away.  We will have the chance to turn around and do as the Father has done to us.

Extending mercy to someone who has wronged you allows each person to be touched by God’s love as well as the potential for the situation to be redeemed. Redemption — and transformation — is always God’s goal.

It seems the ones we often have the most difficult time extending mercy to, however, are those closest to us: Family, close friends, neighbors, business or ministry associates. It seems our expectations of them are much higher and we have little tolerance towards them.

You can expect an exercise to lavish someone with God’s mercy and love today. So be sure to receive an abundance from His Presence as you meditate on His Word and worship Him.


Note: I am very grateful to Graham Cooke, Dave Crone, and Dan McCollam, the leaders from my congregation The Mission in Vacaville California, for the inspiration of this lesson. I am so grateful for the loving spiritual environment they provide.


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