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Adoring God (photo: Heather Cantrell)

I have been teaching praise and worship for quite some time now, but it is only this year that I have come to appreciate the level of worship that happens as we adore God. It is a much deeper place of worship that I have come to discover engages my whole being in a way I never experienced before.

There is a significant difference between praising God and adoring Him:

Praise expresses  thanksgiving for what God has done; adoration revels in who God is.

Praise focuses on God’s deeds; adoration focuses on God’s character.

As we commune with God in adoration, we are declaring back to Him Who He is . . . describing His very nature, really. And, as we behold Who He is, we are transformed into His image. Thus, adoration is a vital part of our worship.

Adoration of the Lord often happens spontaneously after a season of praise and worship, but not necessarily in that order.

Anyone can praise God; but only lovers of God can adore Him.

Adoring someone is only possible because of an intimate relationship where love is exchanged and a trust has been developed over time; it has been proven and tested.

The Kiss

A kiss is an exchange between two people, and in most cultures it is still a common greeting. Consider the various kinds of kisses:

  • Kiss of a Family member or friend: This is a warm and friendly exchange of greeting, affirming love and/or a common bond.
  • Kiss of a Servant: This is a kiss of obeisance where the servant is vowing to serve his master and be faithful and true.
  • Kiss of Betrayal: This is a kiss such as Judas gave Jesus when he was turned over to the guards.
  • Kiss of Intimacy: This is an exchange between two lovers where each receives pleasure in the exchange of their love.

Contrast the kiss of Mary when she washed Jesus feet with the kiss of Judas. One was incredibly grateful for receiving forgiveness and mercy, while the other was deceitful, selfish, and pretentious.

Perhaps you are familiar with the kiss of betrayal by a family member or friend even. It left a painful scar that may have caused you to be cautious in trusting others to come close to you. Jesus knows that betrayal, and He is the only one who can heal that scar and remove it forever.

One day, everyone will “Kiss the Son;” but not everyone will kiss Him in intimacy.

I always want to be one who is responsive to the Lord and pursues a deep intimacy with him all the days of my life. And I will kiss the Son in intimacy . . . because I know Him and He knows me.

Adoration by Definition

Adoration can be simply staring at the wonder and awe of God Himself and expressing what we see in Him. Mostly it is the delight to be with Him — in His Presence  — full of joy, as He fills us with His love and hope that stimulates adoration.

Adoration can be birthed out of a heart exploding in release from a long-awaited prayer finally answered. For me, it often happens when I see God’s direct engagement in my life — even in small ways — and it is then that I recognize, “Wow . . . You are right here with me!”

I never cease to marvel at His presence with me and in me.

Often, in times when I am seeking the Lord in a season of prayer and fasting, I will enter into adoration after revelations of His Word and His character have been made real to my heart. I find when I am unhurried, alone, and in peace, I have a much better environment in which to enjoy God’s delightful presence where I will experience a saturation of communing and adoring Him.

Adoring His Person, The Wonder of Him

Adoration is being taken up with God Himself as we find ourselves lost in His beauty and character, recalling His faithfulness in my life.

The Psalms are filled with passages of the worshipper adoring the Lord as they are examining the many varied facets of God’s character. Praise erupts in the heart of the Psalmist and spills out in joyous descriptive songs of adoring praise. Psalms like these are taken up with the wonder and awe of God Himself.

My Secret Weapon of Choice

I discovered the power of adoration in my life one day by accident. I remember I was in a lot of pain in my body. But, at the same time, my heart was flooded with thanksgiving to God for His presence, His engagement in my life, and so my praise went up another level . . . into deep adoration of God. I was soon captivated as the Holy Spirit was revealing the depths of God’s love to me, and my emotions were spilling over in response. This went on for quite some time.

Somewhere in that period of adoration, the pain in my body completely left . . . it was dramatic!

Eventually I fell asleep . . . adoring God.

In another instance, my emotions were in great agony. I was overcome by sadness and grief over a family member I was praying for. I felt as if my heart would break and I was quickly sinking down into a very dark place. The Holy Spirit suddenly burst through my misery and suggested I employ my “secret weapon” of adoration.

It was a moment of brilliance for me really as I recalled my previous joyous experience. So, I began to adore the Lord — even though I could hardly speak for the grief and pain I was feeling. Before long, however, the grievous pain of my soul left completely and soon I was once again taken up with the glory of God’s beauty and Presence. His peace washed over me and I was once again at rest in His love. All traces of my agony . . . gone. I was stunned, and overjoyed.

Over the next weeks, I began to enter into periods of adoration whenever I was in any kind of physical pain, emotional grief, mental anguish, or satanic attack. Each and every time, I was delivered into freedom from pain and sorrow.

The secret is this: The mind cannot have two opposing thoughts and emotions! One will displace the other.

Adoration Displaces Obsessive Thoughts

The Lord said to me one day when my mind was ruminating and overanalyzing a recent conversation that involved an unresolved and difficult situation:

“Enter into adoration!”

Once I did, I discovered the impossibility of entertaining two conflicting thoughts at the same time. Once I began to exercise adoration of God, I was taken up with His beauty and the truth of Who He is and was immediately consumed with Him. All else faded away . . . the issue had lost its importance.

Adoration Replaces Misery

In fact, adoration replaces all negative emotions and concerns.

When I am overwhelmed by grief, regrets, sorrow, sadness, worry, shame, discouragement, I can begin adoration of Him and it immediately displaces everything else.

You just cannot have two competing emotions. One will replace the other.

This, then, became the key for me to overcome mental and emotional anguish from past memories that would arise now and then.

Adoration takes away Physical Pain!

There are times when my body is wracked with pain, and I have opted to enter into a season of intense adoration — alone with Jesus in my secret place! — and I have discovered that my physical pain goes away!

I take much less Tylenol for pain relief now.

Adoration Sees God For Who He Is!

Seeing God in the midst of my situation will cause me to trust Him even though I do not see evidence that God hears me or that the answer is on its way. Adoration trusts His love and recalls the generous and miraculous blessings received by Him. This worshipper will not accuse God during the long wait. Rather, she will say, “I trust Your love Jesus; for You have been faithful to me all of my life.”

Let us adore Him!



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