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Not long ago, as I was praying, I received this . . . and I’m sharing it here because I believe it is for you!

This will be an extra-ordinary year for you.

Photo: Peter McIntosh

Those things you have longed to resolve will be settled as God is making the way for you.

Your heart is being established and liberated from issues that help you captive from long ago.

This is the year – an inheritance year – where the Father’s blessing of your portion will be realized.

No longer will you look in the past — those things that had set the standard for your pattern of life — because the momentum of the days ahead will preoccupy you in such a way that God’s will be your only standard, your only vision. He is establishing new patterns in your mind, your heart, body, and emotions that will carry you into His purposes. Together you are forging new paths that are unrelated to anything in your past.

You’ve only experienced small puddles of His Presence thus far, but He’s about to lay you down to rest in Him as you are carried along in the river-rapids of His love.


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