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Signs in the Earth & Sky

January 1, 2011 — 1/1/11, Early morning hours


"Fingers of God" - photo by Heather Cantrell in Maui


On the night of New Year’s Day, I had 3 significant dreams. As I reread these this week and considered the crisis in North Africa, and the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor events, I was stunned.

The dream of the wave was a mystery to me, but the 2 dreams about the sun I related to Egypt – as a country who worshipped the sun god “Ra.” However, Japan is also known as the “Land of the Rising Sun.”


I dreamed we were at a beach restaurant. I stood up because out of my peripheral, I “saw” waves coming that were larger than normal. I “felt” a tidal wave building. People around me did not see it or were unconcerned if they did. I sensed something signficant happening in the sea…as if it was about to do something out of the ordinary.

I got up from the table where I was sitting inside and went to a window to look beyond where customers were eating outside under the restaurant awning. I noticed that the sea was rising into a gigantic wave at an alarming rate coming closer to the shore. The people eating outside were curious what I was staring at and turned around to see the ocean rising. I moved outside the restaurant quickly where small waves of the ocean had already moved up to where we were standing. By now waves were beginning to break over the restaurant, and just kept coming at an alarming rate. I took off running to stay ahead of the waves.


I was outside of an apartment complex not far from the sea and turned back to to look at the sun because it had taken up about two-thirds of the sky, surrounded by a muted-colored circular rainbow. I was so amazed at this odd phenomenom that I joined scores of people who stood staring up into the sky. I knew I needed a photo of this so I went back into the apartment complex which was sort like a motel and a place where Ron and I were staying temporarily. I was anxious to show Ron this amazing site in the sky and to get our cameras.

As soon I as I entered the hallway, I began to call for Ron loudly and trying to remember the number of our room – which looked more like a ship’s cruise staterooms. I finally found the room, urged Ron to drop everything, and to come outside quickly with his camera.

We ran outside, cameras in hand, and had to run past the tall buildings in order to get a good view as they were obstructing the glory of the sun. We ran through dark corridors, up long stairwells, down alleyways. It took us so long that by the time we got there, the glorious rainbow  had faded into a very muted color around the sun and could hardly be seen.


As Ron and I looked up into the sky, we watched, horrified, as the sun suddenly exploded, spewing out dirt, smoke, fire – and what looked like orange trees. It was falling on the earth. People were running frantically everywhere screaming. We knew what was falling around us was deadly.


Clearly in these days God is calling His people to a RED ALERT status unlike any other time in history. The events of the last 3 months especially have highlighted how quickly life can shift into an uncertainty that is felt around the world.

For me, I feel an urgency to stay on call and alert 24/7 before God’s Presence. As the Friends of God, we take our place before Him, crying out for mercy on behalf of a suffering world. And, as Ambassadors of hope, we light the way to the One who is their only hope and Salvation.


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