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My face turned upwards in stunned silence,

I am starring into pure Glory

Beyond the veil—

A crystal clarity

And blinding brilliance—

The flames of Love’s Fire

Are in Your Eyes.

A gasp escapes my lips,

And joy erupts

At this fresh invitation

To come,




And experience

An ecstasy of delight—

A colorful burst of unimagined breathtaking vistas

Set to the ongoing musical score:


Revealed in one Word

You speak.

Every cell of my being


In the adoration chorus


Majesty unveiled.


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"Mona Lisa" Hubble Image

Today I saw myself joined with all of the myriads of created beings and 3 sextillion created heavenly bodies in the universe that God called “good.” But in that place, I saw my unique purpose and signficance as God intended. As the heavens declare the glory of God, so too God is manifesting facets of His character in me.

"Orion-Nebula" - Hubble Image

My life declares His glorious works done in my body, mind, heart, and spirit. Everything God has created was intended to uniquely declare facets of His character. I love that. As I meditated on this, I wrote down facets of God’s character that have been revealed and demonstrated in my own life.

The following are declarations of how my life declares the glory of God.

  • My life declares the justice of God.
  • My life declares the Fatherhood and tender care of God — He himself cares for the helpless, neglected, and abandoned child.
  • My life declares God’s passion for all people.
  • My life declares God’s heart full of compassion for those who suffer physical, mental, and emotional pain.
  • My life declares God is a rescuer.
  • My life declares God feeds the hungry soul.
  • My life declares God redeems families.
  • My life declares God loves families and unites broken and separated families — even after 40 years — with the intention to bless them.
  • My life declares God is a Healer.
  • My life declares God is a Lover.
  • My life declares God puts the lonely, scared, and abandoned into families.
  • My life declares God is an abundant Provider.
  • My life declares God is a lavish Giver.
  • My life declares God does not abandon or ever leave those He adopts — not for any reason.
  • My life declares God does not neglect or abuse His children.
  • My life declares God is a Home and a safe Refuge.
  • My life declares the God of Hope.
  • My life declares God is so merciful and forgiving.
  • My  life declares what it means to be lavishly and extravagantly loved by God.
  • My life declares the generosity of God.
  • My life declares the joy of the Lord.
  • My life declares God is ever faithful and fully trustworthy.
  • My life declares the shalom of God.
  • My life declares the glory of God.

As you watch this video, consider that of the 3-sextillion stars that NASA has not yet named, but God knows them each by name! Each one declares something unique to God’s glory.


(This meditation was inspired by David Crone’s message at The Mission Vacaville California,  December 26, 2010. Thank you for your leadership.)

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At Morning’s Light


Greet the Son!

His voice awakes me

at morning’s light

and spreads its rays across my face

to see His glory shining brighter

than any other

in my life.


Kiss the Son . . .! 

And let Him be

the Chief Lover

of my heart, and soul, and mind —

Who heals my body and draws me nigh

to His heart

Where I belong

and am transformed

by His loving words.

As I listen,

bending low

to hear the ancient song

from eternity —

“You have always belonged to Me!”

Hear the heart

of God’s sweet love

poured out this day

in a thousand ways —

His breath in the trees,

the red rose glistening in His brilliance,

the ferns transparent in varied hues

of reflected light,

the songs of my heart in praise of Him

Who is my song.

The comfort He brings to this heart

wearied by sadness

over one so far away

from the Helper,

the Healer, Restorer,

Deliverer, Savior.

His creation reminds me

that all His goodness is alive today —

glistening gloriously —

a testimony of what’s to come:

All is concluded

in GOD alone —

through Jesus’ blood

before the Throne —

brought together,

knit perfectly,

by the Spirit

of GOD.

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