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The Nature of Generosity

The core of God’s nature is generosity. He doesn’t just give . . . He gives lavishly, abundantly, always more than enough. He gave his most prized possession to the world . . . Jesus.

God has given to us so generously, expecting that we will lavish His gifts upon others and give them away! Sometimes we believe that we must carefully budget our love and compassion, as if to give too much away would somehow bankrupt us. But, the fact is, we never come to the end of God’s abundant storehouse he pours upon our lives in response.

I meditated this past week on the fact that the Father gave everything to the Son, and the Son gave everything to us in an inheritance so abundant, it will take an eternity to receive it all. Jesus literally bankrupted himself and gave it all away. He even gave us his authority and power through His Name! When we identify with Jesus, we can be sure that Heaven will back it up with the power for breakthroughs and transformations in the lives of those we love.

We have been given much  . . . many gifts! Because of that, we must also have at the core of our being the generosity of God. I want to be the kind of person that is always looking to give something away! I want God to put generosity at the core of my being! I’m going for that . . . I’m exercising it, growing in it.

I’ve observed that there are two kinds of people: Receivers, and givers. You have to consider which is more prevalant in your life:

  • Are you always looking to recieve something from someone – hopefully free of charge?
  • Are you looking for someone to give away something valuable that you own?

Here are two profiles I considered this morning:

Stingy People
These are people always looking to receive some free gift or giveaway. It can sometimes lead to an obsession even, where they begin to hope to win the lottery, or they take up gambling even, hoping to win the big one. They always seem to be in need even though they may not really be in need  . . . they believe they are poor and in need. It is based in their fear that they will not have enough someday. They live with a poverty spirit because they are always wanting, wanting, wanting, and are never satisfied with what they have.

Generous People
These people live completely and utterly content with what they have. They are always looking to give away what they own – whether they have much or little, it does not matter. They give out of their abundance, because that is the way they view their life . . . abundantly blessed by God. They always have something valuable to give away. They do not count their possessions as their own. They are not selfish in nature. They love to lavish others with gifts from their own storehouse of treasures and receive an even greater joy in giving it away to others.

Generosity can also be seen in what we give of ourselves. That is even more important. Most have no problem giving away money and possessions, but they are stingy with giving of themselves . . . for whatever reason.

Gifted Economy

We did an experiment at our church The Mission recently (Watch the video). With the present economy, we all know families who are having a really rough time financially. So, we asked the members to bring something of value to church to give it away. Then we held up the item and anyone who needed it could come forward. It was a huge success! People were incredibly generous giving away thousands of dollars worth of items!

Members lining up to give away valuable items to those in need


Those who gave were as blessed as those who received the items from the givers!

Our Standard of Generosity

All that we have has been given to us. And, we can only give away what we have . . . what we possess. I also love to give away that which God has given to me in the storehouse of my heart. It is my delight to love others with the Father’s compassion, to give away a joyful spirit, to lavish others with hope. Those kind of gifts make me immensely happy.

Jesus is our standard of a life lived in extreme generosity. I have something of great value and worth today to give away to those in need.

So do you.


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