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Set Free

Great Heron (photo: Ron Cantrell)

No longer held captive

By the hands of priests

In Temples of traditions and form;

No longer mesmerized

By the status of those

Held high in my comparative imaginations,

So unattainable in my lifetime;

No longer performing

For affirming words that hold little truth,

Only flattering lips that captivate

Me into a hopeless state

I can never escape.

No longer conforming

To standarized methods

Held in high esteem,

And considered the norm,

But demonstrates no evidence with power or reality

Of Presence and Peace.

I have been freed —

Like a once-caged bird! —

To fly, to sing, to soar,

To follow the updraft

Of Spirit-Winds

That move my heart and soul

Ever upwards, onward

Into the depths of Eternal Love,

Drawn into the brilliance

Of Eternal Light.

I’m soaring to higher heights today,

Set free  — released! —

To be with You.

Breathe Your Breath of Life

That lifts me high upon the heights

Of where You dwell;

Speak Your Word of Truth

That kindles my passion

To live free,

And set captives free.


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