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by Ron Cantrell

Heaven has a different idea about our lives and choices. When you come to the end of a self-made man (or woman) and see that it is empty and destructive in and of itself, heaven invades and creates a life-transformational encounter with God Himself. He actually wrote a different life-script for us, and when we are ready to embrace that manuscript, powerful changes in the depths of our being deliver us from the hell-hole of destruction to a wellspring of life. And though those changes are deeply personal, we are then empowered to impart freedom to others.

My husband Ron was praying one day, and pretty much just took dictation from what He felt God was saying about his life. I believe this will be echoed in your heart as well . . . here it is . . . THE BOOK OF YOU . . .

I LOOKED on you in great love before you were formed in the womb (Psalm 139:15). I saw the number of your days and the day of your turning away from Me.

IN PATIENCE, I waited for you. My Father’s heart yearned for you, yearned for your wholeness, the wholeness I had already written in My “book-of-you” (Psalm 139: 16).

I SAW the chains you chose above My jewels. I watched the bonds you forged take you far away; but, I knew and I waited. I knew you had My justice deep in your heart. I saw you cry out and I loved what I saw. I loved your heart, though chained and dark. I knew you would come through. Because I had written it in My “book-of-you.”

EVEN IN chains you loved holiness. Even in chains you cried for My purity.

THE DAY dawned; I danced (Zeph. 3:17). I sang the longed-for song, the song I wrote in my “book-of-you.” I sang the song, I took your chains and forged a crown that will be yours forever. I took cold iron and I made gold.

HEAVEN gasped at My deed.

THEY SPOKE your new name fresh on their lips; first like a whisper in the trees, then like rushing water. They spoke the name I wrote in the book. Then they shouted it.

THE DAY dawned, the book now sheds its mighty power over you. Heaven’s genetics now crowd out earth’s.

MY NURTURING heart will now nourish you – strengthening you to step into the fullness of whom I wrote.

THE CROWN will be your testimony for your days down there, but here – near My throne – it radiates glory, healing virtue, strength of character, right character – My character – My law of you, written before you were formed.

BEHOLD THE person I made. Love the person I made as I love.

PATIENTLY I waited until you laid down your will; that strong seed of Me that makes you like unto Me. I placed that surrendered will as the crown jewel in your crown to bear witness to all heaven, for eternity, of the victory over what you thought an unchangeable, immutable character flaw.

FORGIVE “YOU” now as I do. Don’t avoid you. Look straight into your own eyes and love you as I do.


We have made this into a 9 1/2 x 12 color Giclee Print and it is available for sale. Contact us for details or visit Ron’s Sacred Space Art Prints website.

The Book of You, Ron Cantrell


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