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Blessings flowing

“From the time that he put him [Joseph] in charge of his household and of all that he owned, the LORD blessed the Egyptian’s house because of Joseph. The LORD’S blessing was on all that he owned, in his house and in his fields.”

Joseph carried an overflow favor of God and blessing everywhere he went so that people were affected.

“When the master [Potiphar] saw that the LORD was with him [Joseph] and that the LORD made everything he did successful, Joseph found favor in his master’s sight and became his personal attendant.”

It was clearly evident to Joseph’s owner that God was with him. He was able to identify why his household and business was prospering.

I believe we too carry the same overflow blessing so that those around us – and the jobs we work at – will be affected by the favor of God and the blessing we carry. If we become more conscious of God’s Presence on us as carriers of His favor and blessing, we will see it! This will cause us to be a people of thanksgiving and praise, and not kvetchers (Yiddish for “complainers”).

Realizing God’s intentionality towards us is always to bless us with his favor should cause us to be actively engaged in blessing our family, our co-workers, and everyone we come into contact.

You have an overflow of God’s blessings on you. Now go release the blessing to someone today!


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Camel Caravan across the desert

No matter the circumstances that presented themselves to Joseph, he was never a victim. In every situation and evil intention against him, God was there with him. Joseph knew it; he felt it; he saw evidence of it . . . and so did everyone else around him. The Presence of God on Joseph was so clearly evident, that everything around him was affected because of it. When Joseph came in the room, managers prospered, the family business succeeded, productivity increased.

Joseph knew this. So, when things started to go very wrong, he did not wallow in self-pity, though he had every excuse to do so. How do we know? Because self-pity locks a person away in their own self-centered world so that they are unable to  see God at work to bring them through their circumstances into a good place. Self-pity is an apt term, because it pities “self.” Had Joseph exercised self-pity, he would not have been in the position for promotion that God manuevered on his behalf.

Joseph faced some of the most incredible life circumstances of anyone:

  • hated and despised by his brothers who refused to include them in family matters
  • sold to human traffickers as a slave
  • Separated from his family forever. He went from being rich, the most loved and favored son, to being fatherless and dirt poor
  • bought as a slave in a foreign land; had to learn a new language and customs
  • Falsely accused by the Boss’s wife as a rapist
  • Became a prisoner in the filthy dungeons of Egypt

And yet, there were no circumstances or evil intentions that were brought against Joseph that caused him to sink to the low places that others put him. He did not take on a prisoner or slave mentality.

          “But, the Lord was with Joseph!”

In each situation, he rose above it, prospered, and was blessed because the Lord was with him!

Joseph knew who he was in the midst of his circumstances:

  • He was a son of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
  • A greatly loved and highly favored son of his father
  • His father was wealthy
  • He had a faithful, mighty, and loving God who was with him  – right there in the dungeon
  • He had a family inheritance from God Himself
  • He had prophetic dreams to hope in
  • He had God-gifts

Joseph knew that he did not belong in those dark and foreign places. This was not his home. Knowing this, he carried himself differently.

          “But, the Lord was with Joseph.”

“But” simply means even-still, no matter what, in every disgusting injustice and undeserved accusation, even in this incredibly difficult, painful and trying time, God is always with me.

With this understanding – and fresh revelation to our heart – we too can have a determination that says:

But, the Lord is with me. Therefore, I will rise above this. I will watch and observe how God is going to bless and prosper me in this lowly place. I will journey with God even through this dark season with a song of praise that everyone around me will hear. God is making me to be the “head” and not the “tail.” God has heard me. He is healing me – from the inside out. God is changing my circumstances, and meanwhile, I choose to trust Him.

What satan meant for harm, God delights in demonstrating to the world how He is about to turn it into something really really good.

No matter your circumstance, you can be sure that the Lord is with you in it.

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March 26, 2010–My birthday: In the middle of the night I was awakened . . . I felt God started my birthday celebration early. I woke up singing a new song I had just learned called “Serving You”  – a song that really grips me.  My desire to expend my life for Him left me breathless, tears streaming and wetting my pillow.

What little I have given you thus far, Jesus.

I sang it to Him with all the passion of my heart . . .


The Lord drew very near and He responded to my heart:

I created you for My pleasure —

You are the object of My love, My lover.

You are marked by My favor:

It is a terrifying stamp of ownership to the camp of the enemy.

The life in you is My burning fire —

An eternal flame of  love and passion

For My purposes.

Every single moment of your life is pregnant

With eternal signficance —

A potential fruitful offering to be given away

For my glory,

My pleasure,

My enjoyment.

I give you abundant life,

My very breath — My Holy Spirit —

Full of life and expectation.

Like the pots in your garden

Filled with unopened tulips, ready to burst open with color

(Given the correct amount of sun, rain and fertilizer),

So too, your company with My Presence

Will ripen all that is waiting to burst open within you.

All the buried dreams long forgotten —

Your passions, your hopes —

Anxious for opportunity,

I am now bringing forth.

I am doing the creative new thing in you now —

And you will see it;

It is already stirring within you  . . .

We will develop it now.

You know the King;

You have the King’s favor,

The King’s bank account.

Your King owns the whole earth — it is Mine

With all the peoples and nations —

All mine.

You can go where you like

And I will be with you leading you forth in My peace —

My favor gone ahead of your arrival, making the way.

And, everywhere you exalt My name,

I will bring the harvest.

Everywhere you testify of My goodness to Israel —

To bless them —

I will change hearts,

And you will reap the blessing of those who

Bless My people  . . .

All for the fruitful ingathering

That defines the end of Time.

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Receive His Blessing!

Taken from Deuteronomy 28 Blessings:




Because you love and obey your God . . .

Be blessed in the city and in the country.

Be blessed with children and grandchildren.

Be very prosperous in your business with great increase.

Be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.

All your enemies that rise against will be defeated because the Lord yoru God is with you.

The Lord has commanded His blessing over you today, upon your storehouse and all you set your hand to do. He is blessing you in the land which He has given you.

God is granting you plenty of goods, children, increase in your business, and blessing in the land He has given you.

The Lord is opening to you His good treasure — the heavens — to give you rain in its season, and to bless all the work of your hand. You shall lend to many . . . and not to borrow.

The Lord is making you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only and not beneath.

The Lord has purposed to bless you this day.

Get ready for the rain of His blessings!


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