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2,000 year old Isaiah Scroll, Jerusalem

I was so inspired by the message of our Pastor David Crone brought to our church The Mission on Sunday January 1st that I thought I’d share it with you. My prayer is that it will cause a shift in your present mind set as you consider the place of freedom Jesus has already provided.

In Luke 4:19 (a quote from Isaiah 61) Jesus read his own mandate to those gathered in the Synagogue. The last verse reads:

“And to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”

This refers to the year of Jubilee – which is actually God’s favorite year (David Crone points out). How do we know that? Jesus proclaimed what the King of Heaven had already decreed because of the finished work of the Cross. He was proclaiming that from hereon, we are forever living in the year of Jubilee – the King’s decree!

Ancient Scroll of Isaiah, Jerusalem

In the year of Jubilee, slaves are freed, debts are forgiven, the lost inheritance is returned, etc. The year of Jubilee set everything back in its correct order. Everything shifted in a jubilee year. Jesus made this announcement to us 2,000 years ago, and faith is the only provisional act needed to receive its full benefits.

Consider the possibilities that would change the way you presently live your life if you applied the freedoms made possible through Jesus’ blood — starting today: No more debts, no more enslaving bondages, all losses are restored. Wow. New liberties! Permission granted to start over…yes, a fresh start!

Below is a proclamation David Crone wrote, and I encourage you to take it to heart and apply it to your own life in a very intentional manner. Determine to walk this year in the full freedoms decreed by the King of Heaven for you. Make 2012 your year of jubilee! God has already commanded His blessing over you and your household!

Ancient Scroll of Isaiah, Jerusalem


by David Crone, January 1, 2012

We declare 2012 a year of Jubilee.

We declare 2012 a year of unprecedented opportunity: Doors wide open, treasure chests unlocked, and fresh divine adventures awaiting us.

We declare 2012 a year of unparalleled increase: Increased revelation, increased community, increased prosperity, and increased God encounters.

We declare 2012 a year of unequaled redemption: What has been lost will be recovered, what has been stolen will be restored with interest, and what has been abandoned will be reclaimed.

We declare that in 2012 our past failures and wasted opportunities will become stepping stones into new levels, unexplored territories, and incomparable victories.

We declare that we are letting go of what was, embracing what now is, and reaching – with anticipation and expectation – for what will be.

We declare that we now live in the acceptable year of our Lord – a year of His commanded blessing, His favor, and our jubilee!

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Year of Jubilee – David Crone

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