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Everything you do

We do

As one—

I in you,

You in Me—

Held together

In a tight embrace.

We’ll make an exchange now

(Heartbeat to heartbeat)—

Of Life-energizing faith.

Where I go

I bring you with Me.

You hear My heart-whispers—

The thoughts I think

Are in your mind.

The secret mysteries

Are unfolding

As fresh revelations

Made clear

From My heart

To yours.

My dreams are desires in your heart—

Dramatized in the night seasons.

Your words are Mine…

A kiss of encouragement passed on,

A Spirit-song I breathed into you.

We are one,

As Father and I.

The attention of your heart

Arouses My love response—

Your gaze captivates Me—

And my eyes are locked on you


You have fallen helplessly

Into the ocean depths of My Love,

And you will never escape

Its grasp.


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My face turned upwards in stunned silence,

I am starring into pure Glory

Beyond the veil—

A crystal clarity

And blinding brilliance—

The flames of Love’s Fire

Are in Your Eyes.

A gasp escapes my lips,

And joy erupts

At this fresh invitation

To come,




And experience

An ecstasy of delight—

A colorful burst of unimagined breathtaking vistas

Set to the ongoing musical score:


Revealed in one Word

You speak.

Every cell of my being


In the adoration chorus


Majesty unveiled.

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I love the fact that God walked with Adam in the Garden, and Enoch walked with Him too. Noah and God talked about building a big boat one day out on a stroll together. Centuries later, God spoke to Abraham, “Come on…let’s get out of this place! How about we take a long walk together? I have this beautiful Land I want to show you.” It was a lifelong journey with God thereafter.

I feel like my life is a long walk with God. Whatever I do, wherever I go, it is hand in hand with God. Every walk with Him has been an adventure of the unexpected; no matter the situation, it is always an opportunity for me to explore another facet of His incredible goodness in my life.

In 2009, I felt God saying, “Come take a walk with me for about 50 days…let’s go through Europe.” Nine months later, we did that. (Read our Europe: 40-days-2-pray Blog). It was an amazing experience to walk the 4 corners of Europe from Finland near the Arctic Circle, to Wales, to Tarifa Spain and into Morocco, weaving throughout the continent of Europe by Eurail and finally to Istanbul Turkey during Ramadan. The people we meet along the way are the souvenir treasures we carry home in our hearts….much better than trinkets.

Last October, God whispered, “Hey, let’s go walk through Egypt…I want you to meet my people. I really love them.” Two months later, everything exploded — and the reason to go began to unfold. Our plans were full speed ahead, and here we are, nearly 1 year later, our dream being realized.

A walk with God allows you to see from a heavenly perspective. Here’s the vista of the God-highway that stretches from Egypt through Israel into Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran…Ron and I see it as is a river of God’s light.

A river of light stretching from Egypt into Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq (NASA photo)

That’s what we see as we go into Egypt, even though they immersed in a sea of political instability and religious chaos with rising tensions in Libya, Sudan, along the borders of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and the nations along Red Sea.

Opened Eyes

I have been meditating recently on the way the Prophet Elisha prayed in 2 Kings 6: “Lord, please open his eyes and let him see” (vs. 17). And again about the army of the Arameans: “Lord, open these men’s eyes and let them see” (vs. 20). It is a good way to pray. Elisha was not focused on what could be seen with the facts on the ground. No, his eyes were focused above — on the chariots of fire that surrounded him personally!!

“He looked and saw that the mountain was covered with horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha” (vs.17).

Yes, he was in a fiery hurricane of Heaven’s protection that nothing could penetrate- not even the “massive” army of military might sent to kill arrest him. In this situation, I see Elisha resting in his easy chair inside his house completely unfazed at what had just been launched against him.

His view was from a much higher level.

Above all the facts on the ground of the region, we see evidence of something huge unfolding that is full of God’s goodness. We go in with our eyes wide open and fully expectant of what God is already doing, and we want to partner with Him.

Tomorrow, 14 September, we will be carried along on our journey into Egypt in a fiery hurricane of heavenly chariots! We expect explosions of God’s brilliance to be revealed in the nation of Egypt…because of His great love for them.

The sun in Cairo...consider God's glory exploding over Egypt one day!

The 30-Day No-Kvetching Challenge!

From today, Ron and I have initiated our customary traveling “no kvetching” rule for the next 30-days in an intentional way. That means, no complaining about anything or anyone at any time. This ensures we maintain a heart that is thankful so that joy is released wherever we go, and our travel experience is so much more enjoyable.

Please consider yourselves as part of our support team as we embark on this exciting adventure to be with those God lovingly refers to as “Egypt my people” (Isaiah 19). And why not also join us for the 30-day “no kvetching” (no complaining – only thanksgiving!) challenge as well! It will surely be an upgrade in your walk with God!

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by Ron Cantrell

Heaven has a different idea about our lives and choices. When you come to the end of a self-made man (or woman) and see that it is empty and destructive in and of itself, heaven invades and creates a life-transformational encounter with God Himself. He actually wrote a different life-script for us, and when we are ready to embrace that manuscript, powerful changes in the depths of our being deliver us from the hell-hole of destruction to a wellspring of life. And though those changes are deeply personal, we are then empowered to impart freedom to others.

My husband Ron was praying one day, and pretty much just took dictation from what He felt God was saying about his life. I believe this will be echoed in your heart as well . . . here it is . . . THE BOOK OF YOU . . .

I LOOKED on you in great love before you were formed in the womb (Psalm 139:15). I saw the number of your days and the day of your turning away from Me.

IN PATIENCE, I waited for you. My Father’s heart yearned for you, yearned for your wholeness, the wholeness I had already written in My “book-of-you” (Psalm 139: 16).

I SAW the chains you chose above My jewels. I watched the bonds you forged take you far away; but, I knew and I waited. I knew you had My justice deep in your heart. I saw you cry out and I loved what I saw. I loved your heart, though chained and dark. I knew you would come through. Because I had written it in My “book-of-you.”

EVEN IN chains you loved holiness. Even in chains you cried for My purity.

THE DAY dawned; I danced (Zeph. 3:17). I sang the longed-for song, the song I wrote in my “book-of-you.” I sang the song, I took your chains and forged a crown that will be yours forever. I took cold iron and I made gold.

HEAVEN gasped at My deed.

THEY SPOKE your new name fresh on their lips; first like a whisper in the trees, then like rushing water. They spoke the name I wrote in the book. Then they shouted it.

THE DAY dawned, the book now sheds its mighty power over you. Heaven’s genetics now crowd out earth’s.

MY NURTURING heart will now nourish you – strengthening you to step into the fullness of whom I wrote.

THE CROWN will be your testimony for your days down there, but here – near My throne – it radiates glory, healing virtue, strength of character, right character – My character – My law of you, written before you were formed.

BEHOLD THE person I made. Love the person I made as I love.

PATIENTLY I waited until you laid down your will; that strong seed of Me that makes you like unto Me. I placed that surrendered will as the crown jewel in your crown to bear witness to all heaven, for eternity, of the victory over what you thought an unchangeable, immutable character flaw.

FORGIVE “YOU” now as I do. Don’t avoid you. Look straight into your own eyes and love you as I do.


We have made this into a 9 1/2 x 12 color Giclee Print and it is available for sale. Contact us for details or visit Ron’s Sacred Space Art Prints website.

The Book of You, Ron Cantrell

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Not long ago, as I was praying, I received this . . . and I’m sharing it here because I believe it is for you!

This will be an extra-ordinary year for you.

Photo: Peter McIntosh

Those things you have longed to resolve will be settled as God is making the way for you.

Your heart is being established and liberated from issues that help you captive from long ago.

This is the year – an inheritance year – where the Father’s blessing of your portion will be realized.

No longer will you look in the past — those things that had set the standard for your pattern of life — because the momentum of the days ahead will preoccupy you in such a way that God’s will be your only standard, your only vision. He is establishing new patterns in your mind, your heart, body, and emotions that will carry you into His purposes. Together you are forging new paths that are unrelated to anything in your past.

You’ve only experienced small puddles of His Presence thus far, but He’s about to lay you down to rest in Him as you are carried along in the river-rapids of His love.

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Arrested by Love

Maui (Photo: Heather Cantrell)

Naked, laid bare,

His eyes blazing,

I feel Him

Turn towards me.

I feel no pain . . .

Only love’s intensity.

An intentional moment

Of Truth’s sharpened sword

Piercing through

The growth so thick,

So deep,

Only the Master Surgeon

Could remove its

Ravages from my heart,

With a precision

And keen vision

To detect every hidden

And well-worn groove

That led down pride’s deadly path.

I closed my eyes

To divert His gaze

But felt it bore deeper,

Deeper still.

I could not escape Him –

I never wanted to.

I have been arrested

By love again

And brought to His

Surgical bed to uncover

And forever remove

All traces of death –

And its ugly scars –

To be healed by

Esh Shalhevet YAH*  אֵשׁ שַׁלְהֶבֶתְיָֽה  .

I turned myself in

To my Friend, my Lover,

My Surgeon,

The One whose

Scalpel digs deep,

Deeper still.

I feel pain,

The sting of arrested pride,

Burning, hot tears fall –

There is no anesthesia for this moment . . .

I feel it keenly.

Shame overwhelms me

At its full disclosure,

And I turn my face.

He moves close and

Takes my face in His gentle hands

Turning me towards Him –

Full face –

I opened to see Him so close as

He kisses me.

“Don’t ever turn away from Love.

Shame is not yours . . .

It is mine.

No one can hurt you

In this place —

Our secret place.

It is over,

It’s Covered.”

I feel the heat

Of His Presence move in

With a flood of peace.

“It is finished  . . .”

I heard those ancient words

Ring loudly in my heart.

“Now, let us take our

Fill of love.”

He draws me close,

Closer still.

I am quieted

By His Love

Once again

And take hold of

His red robe

Of Humility,

Drawing near —

Nearer still —

To rest upon His breast.

My soul sings . . .


*Song of Songs 8:6: The fires of the vehement (jealous) Flame of the LORD.


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March 26, 2010–My birthday: In the middle of the night I was awakened . . . I felt God started my birthday celebration early. I woke up singing a new song I had just learned called “Serving You”  – a song that really grips me.  My desire to expend my life for Him left me breathless, tears streaming and wetting my pillow.

What little I have given you thus far, Jesus.

I sang it to Him with all the passion of my heart . . .


The Lord drew very near and He responded to my heart:

I created you for My pleasure —

You are the object of My love, My lover.

You are marked by My favor:

It is a terrifying stamp of ownership to the camp of the enemy.

The life in you is My burning fire —

An eternal flame of  love and passion

For My purposes.

Every single moment of your life is pregnant

With eternal signficance —

A potential fruitful offering to be given away

For my glory,

My pleasure,

My enjoyment.

I give you abundant life,

My very breath — My Holy Spirit —

Full of life and expectation.

Like the pots in your garden

Filled with unopened tulips, ready to burst open with color

(Given the correct amount of sun, rain and fertilizer),

So too, your company with My Presence

Will ripen all that is waiting to burst open within you.

All the buried dreams long forgotten —

Your passions, your hopes —

Anxious for opportunity,

I am now bringing forth.

I am doing the creative new thing in you now —

And you will see it;

It is already stirring within you  . . .

We will develop it now.

You know the King;

You have the King’s favor,

The King’s bank account.

Your King owns the whole earth — it is Mine

With all the peoples and nations —

All mine.

You can go where you like

And I will be with you leading you forth in My peace —

My favor gone ahead of your arrival, making the way.

And, everywhere you exalt My name,

I will bring the harvest.

Everywhere you testify of My goodness to Israel —

To bless them —

I will change hearts,

And you will reap the blessing of those who

Bless My people  . . .

All for the fruitful ingathering

That defines the end of Time.

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