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Me playing for a city-wide concert in 1970.

December 1st is the day I call my “spiritual birthday.” It marks the moment when Jesus surprised me with His invitation into a deeper relationship. This morning I wrote this in my journal as I considered the past 44 years of my spiritual journey.


Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit —

Thank You for invading my life with Yours.

Thank you for purpose — my reason to live well.

Thank you for joy. No more mourning.

Thank you for making all things new.

You put me on a fast track into the pleasures of Your presence — a road that no one or nothing could hinder the pre-established course You determined for me long before time began.

Thank you for the Cross, and Your blood — my default position and fountain of cleansing.

Take me lower — into the heights of Who You are.

Take me deeper — into the mysteries and treasures You have hidden for me to discover.

Take me wider — to the know the breath of Your love.

Take me further — way beyond what I hoped for or imagined possible…by Your immeasurable grace.

Thank You Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit — for adopting me permanently into Your home. I love belonging to You and I love being loved by You.

Let my life be a song of gratitude to You that always — in every situation — says, “Thank You!”


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May 29 2011

In the deep of night

When fears are magnified

And darkness can be felt

When weariness displaces

Clarity of mind

And all the senses are dulled

In the deep of night

When sleep paralyzes every muscle

And dreams come without invitation

With eyes wide open

When the head nods involuntarily

Begging to lie down

In the depths of unconsciousness

It begins…

The ceaseless whispers of fear

Startling every cell to awaken

The body slowed in its sleep-mode

Thrown in reverse with a quickened heart

And a terror response

To the sinister voices—the chatter of hell!—

“You are doooooooomed…!

This is it!

Your end has come….”

It echoes repeatedly

With full-color images to prove its validity

And in the deep of night

I struggle against its strangling reasonings

Gasping for air

Grasping for Truth—

The only One who can deliver me,

The Most Powerful One,

The Almighty! Blessed be He!—

The One who is Light

Displacing all darkness,

All fears,

All terrors in the deep of night.

In a pitiful whimper

I call out loud

As the tears fall

And my heart meditates—

He will have the last word—

Yeshuah  ישועה —“salvation.” 

I speak His name

And consider the Truth

My soul knows oh so well.

His presence releases penetrating Light

And in Him

There is no darkness, or terror, or doom.

In Him is the fullness of all my joy.

In Him is my freedom from all fear.

My eternal dawn has already broken:

“I trust in You alone, Jesus,

In the deep of night.”

With a swift, backhanded, teeth-shattering slap,

All is silenced

As I hear His power-words crush the lies

And scatter the sinister ones:

“Who is this that dares speak lies to my bride?”

His voice thunders across the realm

His Presence quiets me

His Face shields me

And His radiance dispels the darkness with Truth.

“My Beloved!” my heart sings out—

Every cell of my being

Now fully awakened

To praise.

He alone is my life

And He alone holds my day and the deep of night—

The Great I AM.

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(Drawing by Ron Cantrell – “Shal-Hevet-Yah”)

I had a beautiful revelation while reading Psalm 19:4b-6 the other night:

“In the heavens He has pitched a tent for the sun.

“It is like a groom coming from [his] bridal chamber; it rejoices like an athlete (lit. in Hebrew, “hero,” or “champion”) running a course.

“It rises from one end of the heavens and circles [its circuit is] to their other end; nothing is hidden from its heat.”

As I read this, I was suddenly transported into a picture of Jesus’ celebration over His Bride.

I saw an Olympic champion having just completed the long, long marathon, he enters the stadium, crosses the finish line with his hands raised high in the air, and grinning from ear to ear, he runs his victory laps while the whole stadium crowd stands wildly to their feet, screaming their deafening cheers. The champion runs from one end to the other, giving thumbs up to the cheering crowds.

This is Jesus when he captures the heart of His bride in holy union-communion!

As I shared this with my husband on our deck the next morning, Ron wrote this meditation from this particular Scripture passage:

“In them He has set a tabernacle [tent] for the sun [Son], which is as a Bridegroom coming out of His chamber [wedding tent] rejoicing as a Hero-Champion who won His race [union with His bride].

“His victory laps are from the end of the heavens and the circuit to the very ends of it; nothing is hid from that heat [passion].”

In ancient Jewish tradition, the bridegroom emerges from the union tent with the wedding sheet (proof of the purity of the bride) and the families go wild with glorious joy at the new couple’s future. Their holy union stands in sharp contrast in an unholy world.

Who comprise “the crowd?” All the hosts of heaven cheering wildly, ululating angels doing the wave, cartwheels by the heavenly host, cherubim braying fire, seraphim blowing a fire canopy over the couple…wild celebration.

The Son is married and in holy union with His Bride forever.

The above drawing was done by my artist husband Ron as he meditated on this. The Hebrew word שלהבתיה  “Shal-hevet Yah” is from Song of Songs 8:6 which is the vehement flame of God – the furious, phosphorous-like, fiery passionate love of God, which once ignited, cannot be extinguished, not even by water.

Written around the couple in the drawing:

I have bound a thousand hearts into a temple of passion for you, my love.

I’ve enshrined you there in glorious bliss.

Set me as a seal on your heart,

Furious love,

Unquenchable fire,


There is nothing more powerful in all the universe than the intimate exchange of the Lover and the Beloved. All of Hell will unleash its forces against this union and its power. But Jesus is our Champion with a vehement passion for us…He always wins.

The Lord is the Bridegroom celebrating His love over you today. You are forever His, and nothing – or no one – will ever separate this unquenchable love.

Jesus Culture – “You Won’t Relent”

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Everything you do

We do

As one—

I in you,

You in Me—

Held together

In a tight embrace.

We’ll make an exchange now

(Heartbeat to heartbeat)—

Of Life-energizing faith.

Where I go

I bring you with Me.

You hear My heart-whispers—

The thoughts I think

Are in your mind.

The secret mysteries

Are unfolding

As fresh revelations

Made clear

From My heart

To yours.

My dreams are desires in your heart—

Dramatized in the night seasons.

Your words are Mine…

A kiss of encouragement passed on,

A Spirit-song I breathed into you.

We are one,

As Father and I.

The attention of your heart

Arouses My love response—

Your gaze captivates Me—

And my eyes are locked on you


You have fallen helplessly

Into the ocean depths of My Love,

And you will never escape

Its grasp.

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My face turned upwards in stunned silence,

I am starring into pure Glory

Beyond the veil—

A crystal clarity

And blinding brilliance—

The flames of Love’s Fire

Are in Your Eyes.

A gasp escapes my lips,

And joy erupts

At this fresh invitation

To come,




And experience

An ecstasy of delight—

A colorful burst of unimagined breathtaking vistas

Set to the ongoing musical score:


Revealed in one Word

You speak.

Every cell of my being


In the adoration chorus


Majesty unveiled.

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Singing my song in Qumran at the Dead Sea in Israel

There is a sound in my soul that must be released! It is a sound – an ancient song – heard generation after generation. I hear it in the night in the whisper of the wind, a poem, a song, in God’s presence. Something in me responds – no, it resonates – so that I must sing, dance, play my instruments, laugh, write, meditate, cry, paint, cook, knit . . . I must respond to this familiar sound.

I heard it long ago . . . so long ago . . . before the tears came, before I was sent away.

The first day my brother strummed his guitar, it took my breath away: It was the sound in my soul! A distance sound . . . a song . . . a memory flashed across my soul . . . I remembered . . .

Singing my song in Jerusalem

I too had to play guitar. I didn’t know why . . . I was compelled. I was only ten years old, but, it came so easily for me, as if I was born with the skill . . . it was love at first sound. It fit . . . like my favorite party dress.

My talented Uncle Ray and my Mother Rose with the beautiful voice holding me.

My voice in harmonic poetry complimented its sound so that with every rise and fall on the scale, my soul found its delight.

Every day I must sing a new song to express the sound of my soul.

Yes, my soul sings . . . it must sing . . . It is compelled to sing the melody. My soul remembers the lullaby to sleep . . . Mama singing harmony to the radio. . . Uncle strumming long into the night. It remembers the sound of home . . . before the great sadness came.

I close my eyes and see beyond – to galaxies and a realm so far away, where Father dwells in joy and light and song – and I lift my heart in a rhythmic-rhyme to Him in gratitude. He sings the lullaby over me now . . . a healing sound in my soul that welcomes me home.

For, it was He who taught the stars to sing their songs . . .  and all created things respond. So too when I sing – when I play – my voice joins the ancient song of that sound in my soul, and I am home again.


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At Morning’s Light


Greet the Son!

His voice awakes me

at morning’s light

and spreads its rays across my face

to see His glory shining brighter

than any other

in my life.


Kiss the Son . . .! 

And let Him be

the Chief Lover

of my heart, and soul, and mind —

Who heals my body and draws me nigh

to His heart

Where I belong

and am transformed

by His loving words.

As I listen,

bending low

to hear the ancient song

from eternity —

“You have always belonged to Me!”

Hear the heart

of God’s sweet love

poured out this day

in a thousand ways —

His breath in the trees,

the red rose glistening in His brilliance,

the ferns transparent in varied hues

of reflected light,

the songs of my heart in praise of Him

Who is my song.

The comfort He brings to this heart

wearied by sadness

over one so far away

from the Helper,

the Healer, Restorer,

Deliverer, Savior.

His creation reminds me

that all His goodness is alive today —

glistening gloriously —

a testimony of what’s to come:

All is concluded

in GOD alone —

through Jesus’ blood

before the Throne —

brought together,

knit perfectly,

by the Spirit

of GOD.

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